Complete WordPress Care, Themes Included

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  • updates
  • backups
  • performance
  • premium themes
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Under $50/mo

Every aspect of your WordPress website needs some attention from you it seems.  Themes need updates, plugins stop working and sometimes things are just slow. Unless you plan on becoming an expert in WordPress maintenance and upkeep, these things will only grow larger.

With our Complete Support Plan, your WordPress is our focus.  We manage everything from updates to backups, plugins to malware cleanup, we do it all.  

WordPress Support & Maintenance

Your entire website, completely supported.

Your website is the face of your business online. Make sure you protect your time investment. 

Solid Backups

You rely on your website to drive new business, engage with customers and share content with the world. Make sure you protect your time investment. 

It all starts with backups, thats why at Ops Department will build a backup plan suited to your site. Whether your WordPress is a simple blog or your online storefront, we know what it takes to protect your data.

With up to hourly backups and optional version control for highly active sites we make sure you never lose a thing.

Secure Cloud backups

Your site backups are securely stored in the cloud and available for 90 days. We can even sync them to your DropBox or other account.

You know your data is safe and always available thanks to our enterprise level object storage, powered by Amazon Web Services.  

We also support both North American Storage as well as European Storage options to ensure compliance no matter where you are based.

Safe Updates

Once we know your data is completely protected, the next step to a properly managed WordPress site is applying upgrades and security patches. 

WordPress core, plugins and theme updates are released all the time and your site must be updated to add new features and protect against security vulnerabilities.  There are some risks involved in updates so we use modern DevOps approaches to the update process.

Free Staging Site

A staging site is a complete copy of your website, running on another server. This allows us to test updates and changes to your site, without risking damage to your production site.

  • check
    Plugin Updates We test plugins to make sure they still work
  • check
    Theme Updates A visual check of your site to make sure your theme is perfect
  • check
    New Plugins Everything can be "figured out" before it goes live 
  • check
    Layout Changes Try a new post layout without disrupting your readers

Malware Scanning & Cleanup

If you've ever felt the awful feeling of a virus wiping out your computer or hackers defacing your website and hurting your reputation, then you know proactive security is a must.

Free Malware Cleanup

If your site is ever detected to be infected, we take care of recovering your site from a clean backup.

Malware Stats

There are a wide range of attacks targeting WordPress. The best offense is a good defense, start with backups, finish with daily audits.

Performance & Uptime

Your website has to load fast every time a someone visits.  Your website may be the first and only chance you have to make a good first impression on someone, don't blow it with a slow site.

Using the latest tools in page performance testing, we check your site daily to make sure it loads quickly.

Real-time site check

Your site isn't doing anything if it isn't responding. We keep a constant watch on your site and investigate outages.  You get an uptime report each month letting you know if your host is delivering what you pay for.

Customer Service

Your success is how we measure ours, thats why we offer unlimited support to all of our clients. More than support, we help you reach your goals by ensuring a successful result on your website. 

Just Ask

No matter what you need done, we've got your back. Here are some examples of tasks we will perform for you at no additional cost, just ask!

  • Plugin Installation
  • Plugin Configuration
  • Service Integration such as MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe...
  • CloudFlare Configuration
  • SSL Installation
  • Host Migration
  • Form Building
  • Something else? Just ask

Premium Themes Included

You want your site to look amazing on every screen. No matter if people are on their phone, tablet or computer, your site can look it's best.

We have over 80 premium WordPress themes available for your site, including the most advanced theme available today, Divi.

Divi - The most advanced WordPress page builder

With the team over at ElegantThemes leading the WordPress page builder movement, Divi truly is the ultimate WordPress theme and plugin. Now anyone can create award winning page designs without ever writing a single line of code.


Divi includes over 800 page layouts

Divi makes the job of building an amazing page easy with 875 pre-built page designs, complete with images and hand selected fonts and colors.

“Divi truly is an impressive theme that packs a ton of features and delivers them in a package that’s easy to grasp (even for someone new to website building).”

Karol K,

More Premium Themes

All of our clients have access to over 80 premium themes from our friends at ElegantThemes including  

  • check
    Extra The perfect theme for bloggers and online-publications.
  • check
    Foxy A sleek, all-in-one solution for businesses.
  • check
    Nimble A big, bold, and beautiful theme that doesn't get in the way. 
  • check
    Origin A stunning grid-based theme that tells a story through imagery.
  • check
    Modest This truly elegant and simple design that doesn't sacrifice character or style
  • check
    And more than 70 other pixel perfect themes 

Advanced Email & Social Plugins

Bloom. eMail Opt-In And Lead Generation

Bloom gives you all the tools you need to turn your website's visitors into loyal followers and customers. Not only is Bloom going to convert extremely well, it's going to look great doing it.

Social Sharing Made Easy

Social Media is the lifeblood that keeps the internet glowing, and Social Sharing lets you harness that activity and use it as a positive force for your business.

With over 20 supported social networks, your readers will share your content and boost your brand awareness.

Want to Get More From Your Site?

It's easy to get started today and have a better site. Our process is painless and once we complete your account setup, there's nothing left for you to do except relax.

Don't worry, we've got this

100% Risk Free

You've heard this before, but we really mean it. Our signup process is easy and cancellation is a breeze.  If you aren't completely satisfied, just send us a message and we will issue a full refund for that month, give you complete backups of your site and you get to keep any themes or plugins from us. Just our way of saying thank you.

We want you to be comfortable signing up with us. We can't offer free trial signups on the site because people will take advantage of us.  If you would like to give us a shot for free, just email us at [email protected] or use the form below.

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