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You have enough to think about, let us manage your WordPress.

Backup your WordPress


Do you have a solid backup and recovery plan for your WordPress website?  How quickly can you recover your website in the event of a security breach?

With Ops Department backup and data recovery you can be confident that your site is protected from hackers and technical errors.

WordPress Antivirus

There are almost 15,000 known WordPress vulnerabilities.  How do you defend your site against the advanced hackers on the web today?

The world’s most advanced WordPress security solution scans your site for malware and hacked files every day.

If you are hacked, our backup solution can be used to recover your site to a perfect state.

WordPress Performance


How many potential customers have you lost because your WordPress performs slowly?  Using tools like YSlow and PageSpeed is only half the battle.

We monitor your WordPress website’s performance and optimize your SQL database.

Competitor SEO

Do you know what drives traffic to your competitors websites?  Competitive SEO one of the most effective ways to increase pageviews is to do what they do, better.

With monthly SEO reports you can find new consumer trends and start ranking for new long tail keywords.

Stop ignoring updates

 You know you should update WordPress as well as your themes and plugins but what do you do if a theme update breaks your homepage?  

We understand the risks involved with performing updates so we use a failsafe update process to keep your entire WordPress website up to date.  

With Safe Updates you never have to worry again, we test updates to your site in a staging environment to ensure that your website will work correctly afterwards.


Realtime Monitoring

How often is yourwebsite down?  Constant server outages can hurt your search rankings and cause your customers to lose trust in your site.

With realtime uptime monitoring, you can be alerted to issues immediately.  

Real Support

You don’t need to be a server master to have an amazing WordPress website.  Send us an email or a Facebook message and we’ll help you out.


SSL Installation

Protect your visitors and meet compliance requirements.  Installing SSL for your WordPress is simple with Ops Department.

Analytics Integration

Need Google Analytics configured for your WordPress? Let us help! 


CDN Integration

A CDN can help protect your site and improve performance for your users around the globe. We can help configure services such as Cloudflare. 


Plugin Configuration

Plugins power your WordPress, configuring them correctly can be a time consuming and error prone process.  Let us take care of it!

Something Else?

If you have a question, just ask! We make support simple.  Just email [email protected] and we’ll help.

Scheduled Maintenance

We work with you to find the best time to perform routine maintenance on your WordPress site.  Minimize downtime with us.

Risk Free WordPress Management

Ops Department provides complete WordPress management to keep your website running smoothly.  We know you’ll love us so we offer a no questions asked cancellation policy.  Just send us a message and we will handle the rest.

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